Many things throughout life are toxic to our mind, body, and soul - usually without us realizing it. The Teatox herbal tea was created with this in mind - a unique blend of ginger, licorice, rose petals, and other natural ingredients that help you detox and clear away the toxins inside that are impacting your life and health.


The Teatox herbal tea has a distinctively fruity taste with subtle ginger notes with an immediate "detoxing" sensation. Whether it's air pollution, smartphone radiation, alcohol, junk food, or any other toxic lifestyle element, the Teatox blend will help you find balance again.


  • Extra Large 4oz Detox tea blend
  • Clear out toxins & boost your immune system
  • Fruity taste with ginger notes
  • Ginger, Tulsi, licorice, dandelion leaves, safflower petals, burdock root, rose petals, elderflowers, natural flavoring.
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