Yin & Yang

We call this the Yin and Yang blend because it is perfectly balanced. You can take a break from the coffee and say hello to a deliciously rich and bold coffee flavor - with no caffeine or acidity. It's just as balanced as it should be!


We blended organic roasted cacao nibs and roasted vanilla-infused rooibos together to create a heavenly dark chocolate brew with yummy hints of vanilla. Perfect either brewed and served like coffee or steeped like tea, the Yin and Yang blend can be experienced just like your regular coffee/tea, minus the caffeine. It's important to have balance in life, even with your favorite beverages, and that's exactly why the Yin and Yang blend was created.


  • Coffee flavor with no caffeine or acidity
  • Organic roasted cacao nibs + roasted vanilla-infused rooibos

  3oz - makes 8-12 cups

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