Vanilla Coffee Body Polish

You haven't felt clean and smooth until you've met this Coffee Body Polish. With caffeinated sugar granules and natural oils, it's going to become an essential of any skincare routine. The sugar granules gently exfoliate the skin to reveal the fresh, new skin beneath. The polish also moisturizes with natural oils that effectively replenish the hydration of your skin.


The Coffee Body Polish's result is heavenly, leaving your skin firm with a healthy, natural glow - perfect for summer or anyone seeking to look and feel better. The unique coffee formula furthermore adds a powerful energy boost as you use it, energizing your mind, body, and soul to feel totally invigorated.


Why You Need This Coffee Body Polish:

  • Caffeinated for an energy boost
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • Enriches skin with natural oils
  • Leaves skin firm with a healthy, natural glow