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Sample Set

Cam's Coffee Co.


The "Coffee All Over" Set lets you experience our wonderful and most popular all-natural products - the coffee body polish, whipped brown sugar and coffee scrub, and the mocha body butter. It's the perfect sample or starter set for any coffee lover, or even as a thoughtful gift idea.

Coffee Body Polish

Give your body a natural shine with this body polish. It provides your skin with a healthy glow, and the organic coffee ingredient enriches your skin with amazing benefits.

 Whipped Brown Sugar & Coffee Scrub

A scrub with whipped brown sugar and coffee mixed in to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and debris away. This reveals the soft, luscious skin beneath. 

Mocha Body Butter

Apply this body butter after you scrub yourself to maintain that soft, baby-skin feeling. It also hydrates your skin with moisture to prevent dry or cracked skin.



  • 4oz Coffee Body Polish
  • 4oz Whipped Brown Sugar & Coffee Scrub
  • 4oz Mocha Body Butter
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Perfect sample/starter set
  • Ideal Christmas or Birthday gift

Category: skin care products

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