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Coconut Truffle Latte

Cam's Coffee Co.

Imagine a decadent coconut truffle melting in your mouth. Well, that's exactly the experience you can expect when tasting the Coconut Truffle Latte for the first time. When it first hits your tongue, feel enriched by its black tea, coconut, and chocolate mix. For a deliciously warm cup, add some steamed milk and sugar to finish.


The black tea gives you a kickstart to the day while the cocoa bean, coconut, chocolate, organic rooibos, and vanilla bean ensure the flavors are evenly balanced out to leave a lasting smile on your face. Yummy is an understatement - this flavor is exceptional.


  • Black tea, coconut, cocoa bean, chocolate, organic rooibos, vanilla bean
  • Tastes like a decadent coconut truffle

  3-ounce bag - makes 12-16 cups

Category: Latte Mix, loose tea, Tea

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