Tea support

Reboot, Recharge, & Rest is a 3-Tea Set giving you the three essential teas and their respective time of day to be taken. With it, you can reboot your body for the day, recharge in the afternoon for energy, and rest up well at night for the next day.

This unique tea set includes the following:

REBOOT - A morning tea blend with moringa, strawberry leaves, orange pieces, cinnamon, saffron petals, dandelion leaves, and natural flavoring. Perfect for giving you a morning boost of energy and liveliness. 3oz

RECHARGE - An afternoon tea with 100% Ceylon green tea, lemon, and ginger. The energizing lemon taste and caffeine from the green tea is ideal for that essential recharge in the afternoon when your energy starts to lack. 3oz

REST - A nighttime tea mixing luxurious Egyptian chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender. The three ingredients harmonize with each other by ensuring a long, restful sleep with its relaxing blend. 3oz

Combine these three teas together throughout the day to make the most of the day with better mental clarity and energy, followed up with optimal sleep.


  • Includes 3 unique tea blends for the morning, afternoon, & nighttime
  • REBOOT - moringa, strawberry leaves, orange pieces, saffron petals, cinnamon, dandelion leaves, natural flavoring. A boost of mental clarity & brainpower.
  • RECHARGE - 100% Ceylon green tea, lemon, ginger. Refreshingly smooth with an energizing punch.
  • REST - luxury Egyptian chamomile, lavender, & lemongrass. Light on the tummy and deliciously relaxing.
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