Coffee Gift Set

Coffee lovers can satisfy their cravings for handcrafted, traditional coffee with Cam's Coffee Gift Set. This set includes cinnamon-infused honey, vanilla sugar, and caramel sugar, along with your choice of two types of coffee. It's the essential gift set every coffee lover needs in their life, perfect for gifting or adding to your coffee cabinet.

The Coffee Gift Set provides you with unique sweeteners that add creativity to your coffees and will no doubt have you jumping with joy to start brewing. Choose your two coffees and make coffee time more exciting than ever before, or why not turn it into a unique gift idea for a friend/relative who loves coffee just as much as you do?

  • Choose 2 coffees
  • Includes cinnamon-infused honey, vanilla bean infused honey, & caramel sugar
  • Perfect for gifting coffee lovers
  • Essential coffee set
Flavor 1
Flavor 2