Comfort Tea

A soothing blend of lemon, chamomile, and lavender, the Comfort Tea is for those who desperately need a bit of comfort in their lives. Within moments of brewing, one can delight in a pleasantly calming experience thanks to its aromatic presence and delicious taste. It's an ideal gift for tea lovers or anyone who needs to relax after a challenging day.

The Comfort Tea also promotes a healthy sense of wellbeing with its natural ingredients, offering benefits such as reduced stress, a boosted immune system, and a better sleep. It's the perfect relaxing addition to any nighttime routine - experience comfort unlike ever before with the Comfort Tea blend.

  • 2 ounce bag 
  • Makes 12-16 cups

Why You'll LOVE The Comfort Tea:

  • Soothes the soul & body
  • Calming sensation
  • Aromatic experience
  • Promotes a healthy sense of wellbeing
  • Relaxing addition to nighttime routine

2oz of loose tea lemon, lavender, chamomile